Dr. Wahl presents Crystalens lecture at the national Optometry meeting

Posted in: News / Events on December 15, 2009

Dr. Brenda Wahl was asked to share her experience in working with the latest intraocular lens (IOL) technology at the American Academy of Optometry’s Annual Conference. This was held in Orlando, Florida in early November. The presentation highlighted Crystalens HD, a newer type of IOL used in patients having cataract surgery. It is routinely recommended for patients at Eye Surgeons of Indiana. This lens provides an excellent range of vision after surgery, including far, near, and intermediate distances. A recent clinical trial found that nearly 100% of patients with the Crystalens HD lenses implanted in both eyes were able to see well enough to drive and use a computer without glasses.

In addition to the Academy presentation, Dr. Wahl was part of a recent roundtable discussion with doctors from across the country on the Crystalens HD. This was published in the Review of Optometry in October.