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During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens (a cataract) is removed and a clear man-made implanted lens is put in its place. In general, this is a very straightforward and highly successful procedure that results in clearer vision and brighter colors. At the same time, the cataract surgery is done, a lens implant can be selected that reduces the need for glasses after cataract surgery. The latest implant that aims to do this—the Symfony IOL— has just been FDA-approved. This exciting new implant has novel diffractive optic technology that aims to provide a continuous range of vision to include distance, intermediate, and near.

What makes this lens even more exciting is the fact that it is the first intraocular lens implant approved in the U.S. to combine multifocal technology as well as astigmatism correction in the same lens. Thus far, our experience with this lens implant has been very positive, treating patients who become much less dependent on their glasses and contact lenses after their cataract surgery than they ever were before their surgery. For patients who desire to reduce their need for glasses and who also have astigmatism, this lens implant may be “just what the doctor ordered!”

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